Operations and Maintenance -
Doing more with less

Considering the growing competition, every organization that deals in renewable energy is looking for opportunities that will help them improve their bolttom line. RENOM specializes in O & M contracts; contracts that cover all aspects of your plant, contracts that will minimize your risks and maximize profits. The predictive intelligence, drawn from years ofexperience and research, will help you increase productivity by detecting and dianosing problems ahead of time. Our team of experts will help your plant operators to expand their span of control, and will allow them to run the processes in the most economical and effective manner.

Management of O & M practices is critical for the success of your plant. The RENOM team will ensure that all the functions within your O & M service portfolio are bind together to to work as a cohesive unit. We will ensure that while providing you with end-to-end service and support, we will maintain the persistence of your business goals.

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