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Off Site

Take control of your Power…

At RENOM, similar to our on-site support model, we customize off-site support based on your specific business needs. With unparrallel industry espertise, we are able understand your operational difficulties. It also allows us to understand your performance criteria better. And, uing the most advanced and innovative technologies, we help you to have better control over your off-site challenges, ensuring operational rediness at all times.

If you look at our history, you will realize that we have always provioded highest level of off-site support to our customers, fulfilling our commitment to their renewable energy solutions. We have showcased our strenghts time and again, and will continue to create a strong corporate presence far into the future, for our customer. With an unparrel portfolio of growth and success, RENOM is a logical choice to design, engineer, execute, and support your renewable energy projects. Our off-site engagement model is simple, and so is the workflow...

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